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This happened after the completion of my B. Tech and i was in the search of my first job.

It was a boring evening and i was scrolling newsfeed on facebook.

Suddenly got a message from one of my intermediate college friend.

the conversation went like this….

Him : Hi Bro

Me : Hi

Him : How r u

Me : I’m good,how about you ?

Him : By god's grace I am well settled now.

Me : That's great, what are you doing now.

Him : I am working now for so&so company as marketing executive.

Me : How much are you earning (As a jobless enthusiast)

Him : Send me your contact number, I will call you.


Him : Ok, I am busy now, i will call you when i have free time

Me : Ok bro !

**evening i got a call from him**

Him : Hi Bro (In a Posh manner)

Me : Hi dude (I tried to be posh)

Him : So tell me what are your doubts ?

Me : Nothing,How is your Job ?

Him : All good, I am staying here at Bhubaneshwar

Me : Oh !!

Him : are you doing any job ?

Me : No bro, still in search

Him : If you want i will refer here. easily you can earn 50k per month.You are completely wasting your valuable time by searching for a job. We are average grade students and we didn't get good jobs. Even if we crack interview they pay only 8k-10k per month.But if you come here you will earn 10 times more than it.I left my 15k job for this opportunity.And I am happy because, now i am earning 5 times more than of it.

Me : **Speechless** (As i am from lower middle class family 50K sounded like a big dream for me)


Again Me : Really ? But what is the Job ? what i have to do there ?

Him : Yeah, i can’t explain everything on phone.If you come here, you will get to know everything.

Me : I have technical knowledge in computers ,will i get any job related to computers there ?

Him : Yes bro, all kinds of jobs are available here. you no need to worry about it.

Me : But ?

Him : I know, you're in confusion that how you will earn such big amount. Earning money is easy, most of the people don't know the way. Here you can learn business skills,money management & everything. Then after you can start your own business also. One of my colleague he joined just 6months back & bought Duke200 bike recently with only the amount of incentives he got every month & if you talk about me, I am planning to buy a "car" next month.

*Btw Duke200 is my favorite (one of the reason that got into this trap )

Again he : If you come here,after you attend few training sessions & you will understand everything !!

Me : yeah, ok but how to join ?

Him : As a joining fee You will have to pay Rs 10,000 to company, don't worry you will earn 10 times of it in just few months. Remember one thing,

“if we want to become rich we have to bear small investments”.

And i think Rs 10,000 is not a big can just pay it as a security deposit !!

Me : Ok, when should i come there ?

Him : I will check with the superiors about vacancy and i will get back to you.

Me : Thanks bro, its really great thing for me !!

Him : Ok bro,I have some important work ! catch you later

Later i asked him so many questions on phone and every time his answer was same "Come Here first, you will get to know everything"

Meanwhile, I had spoken with my mom regarding this, and i asked her to tell my dad about Rs.10,000)**

————(Some introduction about my lovely parents)———-

My mom has not even studied 4th class & my dad is somehow smart than my mom as he completed his 5th class and got fed up with education when he was in 6th standard.

After their love marriage, they shifted from village to Hyderabad city.

Initial days they struggled a lot and they even worked as daily labours.

They used to live in small hut.oh man !! thats a big story.............

*they know the value of money

*they know the value of time

*they know the value of education

*they know the value of work

My parents did not want their children to struggle like they did. They always think about me & my sibilings’ education.

They struggled a lot to put me into intermediate(after 10th Std. and before University) (The 1year college fee of mine is thier 4months total income).

Somehow i got rank in EAMCET & Completed my Engineering with the help of Fee Reimbursement Scheme, Scholarship & a Part-time Job.

So, my parents paid my sibling's education fees with their hard earned money.

Coming back to the main Story-->

My mom told to my dad regarding this job, later he called me & asked me the following:

DAD : Are you really interested in this ?

Me : yes dad !!

DAD: It’s ok. But how can you stay without us?

Me : Don’t worry Dad.They will Provide accommodation & Food !!

DAD : Ok i will arrange money But get me details about job.

Me : Okay !

**He borrowed money from a relative & gave it to me**

The next week, I reached railway station with my dad. I stepped into the train and left for Bhubaneshwar.

Next day, I reached Bhubaneshwar with lot of hopes about future and bunch of expectations on life.

My friend with one of his colleagues came to railway station to pick me. We went to their room.

It was a newly constructed house and divided into smaller rooms. There were a group of 6-7 members staying in each room. And i observed that most of the people were talking on phone regarding this job with friends, relatives etc.

I observed one more thing here, that every person is calling other person as "Sir"

When i asked my friend about this, he told me that, its kind of respect, gratitude..bla..bla etc something he said..

Next day, he took me to the training session, at the entrance two members (they were just like Bouncers) were asking names of each person and noted in a book and collecting money of Rs.10,000 /-from each.

I told my friend that i wont pay money until i get to know about job.

He tried convincing me but i didn’t compromise. Some of his colleagues came and they even tried to convince me.

At last, one superior person came to me & told me that he will be responsible to return the money if i didn’t like the job.

And here, I understood that "something is going wrong"

My friend again came to me, told me that "Bro just believe in me". we wont force you to join here. But it is a procedure that they will allow only the people who came with joining fee and at the end of the session they will return money.

Hell…i did not compromise, and in return i asked him like..

Me : Bro, I don't want to pay money without knowing anything about this ?

Him : So you don’t believe in me ?

Me : **Speechless**

Again Me : OK fine, will do one thing. Just pay that Rs. 10,000 /- on behalf of me. And at end of the session once they return my money, I will give it to you.

After lot of discussion with his superiors, he came with the money and gave it to me.

I paid that money to them and finally went into one big hall.

When I reached there, there were a lot of people waiting for someone, but most of them had no idea about that business.

There i saw lot of the students who came from villages and cities (Most of them are from Andhra & Telangana)

The company people did not even allow us to talk to each other. The rules were strict that we can’t even look at others until the session ends.

**This silence continued for half an hour**

One guy came to hall. Everyone in hall stood up and some company people gave him a shake hand (they were treating him as a celebrity)

I didn’t even stand up and i just sat like as I am. In fact I was the only guy who did not stand up.

After sometime, the meeting started, and he explained about their product, chain system, how to join others, etc etc...



Definitely, we will get attracted to their words and plans.

It is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money

After one hour of session, he called some boys. they were in different colored suites (they don’t even have dressing sense, they don’t know how to wear a suit, even how to behave)

He told them to introduce themselves.

First guy came to front and he said like:

-My name is Ajay

-I came from so & so

-My father is from very poor family.because of this opportunity that i got, Currently now I am earning 1L per month & I am sending 50k to my parents every month.I started constructing a new house in my hometown.

- Now the second guy came up & he said different story and after that, another one.

They said that they are earning 1 - 2 lakhs per month but no one looked like someone who is earning 1 Lakh.

I realized that they were lying and decided to not join in this Trap/actually Crap....

After the session, when I asked for the money they refused to return me Rs.10000 /- and they told me that i have to attend few more sessions to understand better.

It's my friend money not mine, so i know they will surely return him back.

Came back to Room, packed my bag and i told my friend that I don’t want to discuss anything more about this as I am not interested in this.

I understand "why you called me here". its your situation. I really don’t want to step into this shit.

Him and his colleagues tried to still convince me but i didn’t listen to them.

I came to railway station and returned to Hyderabad

****** I only lost Rs.2000 for train tickets and all

but he lost trust of "Friendship" *********

I told my dad everything and to my surprise he didn't even get angry at me.

He appreciated me, as i realized this sooner.

Guys, There is No Shortcut way to earn money.

“If you want to become rich”

Do hardwork, smart work, Learn Skills, Get Experience.


It's all Scam. Everything is fraud.

Thanks for reading. :)

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